This set of web pages is not only designed for others, but is designed for myself as the primary consumer, and for that I apologize as you attempt to sift through what will be an unusual set of information.  I often need reminders and waypoints written by myself – here is the repository.  A wide range of interests often leads to a jumble of data, and that is what I can promise (no more) from these pages.  Strong caution should be used by anyone considering this as factual or authoritative.

Experiences, pointers, links, photos and opinions will fill the pages of this visible diary.  You will find herein my tests of different tools and equipment (both real and software), my opinions on various business and technology trends, perhaps a short recommendation for a restaurant, and my current projects in the technology and voice communications fields – this will be a wide array of short snippets, if I even keep up with it at all.  I will have no overarching theme to this particular site, as it is both my professional and private life data.  I recognize this as a mistake, but I’m too lazy to create multiple sites to differentiate between the myriad tiny niches of interest.

Enjoy.  Please comment, especially on those articles which include “how-to” data – I’m always looking for others whose interests lead them here from a practical perspective.

– JT


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