Gardeners wanted!

I’ve recently moved to a new place further out from Portland, and with the new spread came some existing farm fields. The previous owners had used them for vegetables, for a farmers market.  Tomatoes, squash, and asparagus were the primary crops, and the soil looks great.  I’m not able to invest the time and energy into the fields that they need, so I’m looking for someone to rent the fields from me for this growing season.  It seems a huge waste to let them go to weed again when I know they can be so productive. Location: Marquam, OR (midway between Molalla and Silverton) which is 50 minutes from downtown Portland.


  • 1.5 acres of fields (upper field=1 acre, lower field=.5 acres) Click here for a visualization of the location.
  • deer-fenced
  • irrigation available
  • fantastic looking soils – black, rich
  • organic methods in prior years, but not certified
  • mostly southern exposure
  • semi-remote area, quiet, away from cars – a nice place to spend afternoons in the summer

Costs: $150/month for both fields, plus any electric costs for irrigation pump (separate meter)

Details: The deer fencing is in decent shape, but will probably need some upkeep. One corner (15’x15′) of the lower field has been removed for some road work, and  you’d need to re-fence that section.  The piping for the irrigation gets water to the hose bibs, but you’d need to figure out how to distribute to the crops. Payment in advance would be required for each month.  Only vegetable crops, please – no animals or smoke-able products – I am looking for low-headache tenancy. I have a tractor with a tiller, and could possibly till these for you when it is a bit less rainy, but that would be at an extra cost. No covered storage area available, though you could bring your own temporary storage shed if you wanted. Sorry, but no camping or residing on the property is offered with the arrangement – this is a “commuter” field.

Contact: I’m only taking email at the moment – will reach me.  If you’d include your number and a time that works, I can certainly give you a call.

Pictures: Click here for a short photo montage of the fields

Videos of the fields:

Lower field

Upper Field


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