Last Day at Digium

Asterisk LogoToday was my last day at Digium (“The Asterisk Company”) on what I’m hoping will be a temporary sabbatical of unknown duration.  My departure from the Director of Community Management role is for personal reasons, and I hope that it indeed for a short while – I am not intending to find any other work (well, not other than my personal projects which I’m always brewing) and I instead hope to focus my energy on my family for a while until the time requirements of that task allow me to again put myself into the position of having a job that is fun but demanding as far as travel and hours-of-the-day goes.  I can’t speak highly enough of everyone at Digium and of the company; I’m very sad to be stepping away but sometimes circumstances force certain situations.  Special thanks to Mark Spencer and Danny Windham for their leadership and spark that created a workplace that was one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

I don’t actually have any particular agreement or position waiting for me at Digium, and Bryan Johns has stepped into my role as Community Manager with my wholehearted support.  I think that he’ll do great – there are lots of things that I didn’t get around to doing (though lots I did get to do) and I see already that Bryan is leaping into the role with the energy and enthusiasm that is needed.   I suspect you’ll see me continuing with Digium in any way that I can as a proponent and advocate of the company and of the projects to which they so generously contribute.  I remain a devotee of Asterisk, and I’m really interested in where the newly announced Asterisk SCF project is going to go in the near future as work continues.

My Digium email address will continue to work for a while, but I’d suggest that anyone who has non-Digium related issues that you contact me at my non-Digium email address ( as I try to keep work and personal items separated by inbound email address.

To those of you I never met as Community Director: I’m sorry I never made your acquaintance but perhaps we’ll meet at various conferences or gatherings in the future.  To those I did meet: it’s been a pleasure working with you to this point, and it will continue to be a pleasure as I continue in the VoIP/Asterisk world.  I’m continuing my involvement in everything I’ve been working on in the past, but perhaps now I can work on it at night instead of during the business day.  :-)  Maybe now I’ll get around (finally!) to re-writing those sample configuration files – every time I’d try to take on that task, I’d feel guilty about doing that instead of some vital community project, so maybe my departure will cause more Asterisk-related code to fall out of me since I won’t have anything else to do in my “off hours”.   See?  It all works out.


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