About Me and About the Machine

My name is John Todd.  I’ve been playing/working/living in the communications technology world for close to 30 years, if you start counting when I got my first modem.  I’ve worked mostly with Internet-based systems (networking, network-driven apps, VoIP) as a profession, but don’t let that fool you – almost anything interesting is fair game.  My interests range widely: complex computing systems, networking, cars, encryption, tools, energy efficiency, loud noises, long-term thinking, good engineering design, buying and selling stuff, human interface design, mobile devices, intellectual freedom, steam engines – it’s all over the map.  Too many things to really fill in here, and I’d add “privacy advocate”  (Hello to all my friends in domestic and international surveillance!) on that list so I’ll keep it short.

I’ve worked closely with the Asterisk Open-Source telecommunications toolkit project in the past, at first as merely a user in large-scale implementations and then as an employee at Digium as their Open Source Community Director for Asterisk, which is great fun and connects me to a huge number of fascinating projects and people.  Many of you will have found this blog because of the very old Asterisk configuration and sound files I developed and which to this day get a surprising volume of traffic.

With the exception of my work with Digium, I mostly have been managing teams in the DevOps area, typically startups moving from concept to mid-sized organization.  I have a background in IP networking,  high-availability/high-performance system design, team creation, and hiring in competitive environments (games, telecom, core networking services.)  Past employment has included Blackbird, KIXEYE, TalkPlus, Tello, Onyx, DIGEX and a number of my own small ventures.

The site

This site is running WordPress on the template “White As Milk” by Azeem Azeez and Dave Rigotti, with slight modifications.

Hosting provided by… well, myself.  I run all my own services.  This box (at least, in non-failover mode) runs at SVColo.

If you have concerns or complaints about content on this site, please send me mail with a subject line that doesn’t sound like spam.  Sorry, I can’t tell you what that looks like, but I’ll know it when I see it.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the various domain names that points to this server, please contact me via FAX (that’s right, fax – all your email will look like spam to my filters, so don’t even bother.)  You can find my fax number by looking at the “whois” information on loligo.com, if you’re serious.

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